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Wins in Avalon 2 Slots

Avalon 2 Slot Game Description:

Wins in Avalon 2 Slots
This phenomenal new Avalon 2 slots game offers players 243 winning combinations and features 8 Bonus Games that increase your chances of winning big on every spin. Three Avalon 2 Bonus games offer player’s free spins when visiting Morgan’s Keep, Forrest Falls and Mystery Vale, or players can win the chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune in the Isle of Avalon. The Whispering Woods and Dusky Moors reveal hidden prizes that will boost your bankroll and the Lake of Legend lets you re-forge the mighty Excalibur sword to defeat the Dark Knight and retrieve the Grail in the Hall of Shadows.

The Bonus games also boast Rolling Reels, Trailing Wilds and the chance to choose your own Wild in an epic online journey across a mythical land. All of these Bonus games are guaranteed to thrill and give players the chance to turn prizes of mythical proportions into reality. Win big with this visually stunning video slots game and return to Avalon 2 Slot in an online adventure that promises great rewards and nonstop entertainment!

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